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I am about to change the way
you look at child photography

N E W      B R A N D I N G      F I N E      A R T      C H I L D      P O R T R A I T U R E

About my photography

Hi, I’m Thierry Vermeire. I’m a Belgium Award winning photographer specialised in  New Branding Fine Art Child Portraiture. My photographic style is conceptual, experimental, emotional, stylish and simple. I aim to reach the heart of my models, the children. I only take pictures of children after I get to know them, and then I try to capture them in the fullness of their beauty, individuality, and dignity, approaching, grasping the secret of the forever lost childhood.

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My Portfolio

When I try to describe my style, i’d say I never take pictures of ‘beautiful children’ in a common setting, there is always a special concept where i try to confuse the viewer. A ballerina at the beach, a child-vampire, a flying girl, … nothing is too strange in my concepts. Be free to look at my photography. Hope you’ll enjoy it.






Fine Art Shoot



The Witchcraft Research Association

Fine Art Shoot

Triptych of Death

Fine Art Shoot


Fine Art Shoot


Conceptual Photography


Flexible Shoot

Contact Info:

I only do artistic work, where i choose the concept and the models as well. Be free to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see if I search new models or collab’s worldwide. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested to be a model for my photoshoots. I will contact you back whenever i have a new concept where i could use a model with your profile.

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